If you plan to keep a certain part of your IT on premises , but feel  you need an extra professional support for some specific functions , you can choose our Selective IT Outsourcing service.

Why you may think of Selective IT Outsourcing? – There may be lots of reasons, to cut it short, it will give you ability to access the skills and time that your staff members do not have.

Deciding which to use full-service or selective , is a real challenge. For making the right decision, the first thing to be done, before deciding which function to outsource, is to develop a sourcing strategy. Do you already have a strategy and know exactly which function to outsource? Contact us to proceed further.

Are you short of time and need assistance in forming a strategy before deciding which function to outsource? Contact us  we can assist you. Our Selective IT Outsourcing Service covers both: making strategy, on a client’s will and offer the needed service.

What we can offer :

  • Outsource only End-User IT Support
  • Outsource only IT Infrastructure Management
  • Outsource only IT Service Management
  • Outsource only your IT project management

Or choose bundle from these services.

IT Infrastructure Management Service covers 24/7 support, maintenance and management of part or all of your IT Infrastructure.

What does our IM management service include?

  • Hardware – Servers, PCs, data centers, switches, etc.
  • Network – Network design and deployment, firewall, security, internet connection
  • Software – ERP, CRM, specific softs and more
  • HR – Human resources that have connection to IT

Besides support of your IT systems, we will provide proactive maintenance of your IT infrastructure to minimize downtime risk. We will be as an escalation point for any IT related issue that may require additional skills to resolve for your internal IT Team. Here, we work outside of the traditional working time. We are always on line whenever your IT system requires it.

Need to be rest assured that your IT systems are being monitors 24/7/365? Contact us

Managing a project requires additional skills rather than knowing only IT. Your staff may cope with every-day IT issues perfectly, but if your company plans to launch enterprise-wide tech project, it may be an embarrassing task for them, if there is a lack of project management experience. And the core thing is that , tech projects must be managed by tech team, because it’s a very specific field, where IT knowledge is of paramount importance.

Just imagine, you wait substantial benefits from the project, but improperly managed, it gives only negative impact on the project performance and the company budget as well. Only after the project is implemented, the questions raise: why it was planned in such a bad manner? Why so much resources were allocated? Was it possible to do it in other way? Was it possible to get better results with less resources? Etc.. But project is already done, resources are already spent, negative impact is already reflected and its late to fix it.

Via our IT Project Management Service, we offer professional approach to your IT project, work in collaboration with your internal IT staff and proactively manage risks associated with spending unreasonable budget, implementation setbacks, regulatory incompliance, improper scheduling or other critical issues, that may result in project failure.

Contact Us to discuss further details. First Consultation with us is always free.