IT service desk is the first point contact for your company tech incidents and requires. We will handle support and management of your end-users to an agreed SLA in a cost-effective manner.

What guarantees the service you will love? ITIL aligned process, more than 12 years’ experience, trained staff and dedicated management.

All tech requests are managed via ticketing system, based on ITIL standards. A ticket is opened for each incident in our Help Desk Software, which simplifies incident management by assigning an advanced-agreed priority to requests, based on impact it has on your business. This guarantees your critical requests are prioritized .Each ticket flow is supervised by an upper-level team , so your requests are handled in a timely and competitive manner. You will have information on a target time by which we expect to solve your problems or answer your questions. You will have access to control tech tickets and their flow (response time, escalation if needed, resolution, etc.). Besides, to a customers’ will, reports can be submitted according to various criteria: open tickets, closed/resolved tickets, time spent, SLA overdue, etc.

What does IT service Desk service cover?

  • Set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting of computers and peripherals
  • Support services for exclusive certain tech products you may have
  • Viruses, loss of data, non-working programs or any computer-related incident
  • Faulty internet connections

Not to make the list long, our IT service desk will assist your end-users work in a smooth atmosphere without any IT obstacles.

How we can help?

We provide both, in-person or  remote tech support. To reduce the problem-solving period, most of the requests are handled remotely. If the problem is beyond remote support, our tech will visit onsite.

If this brief overview of the service sparkled your interest, please contact us to proceed the subject further.

IT Service Management service allows to design, manage and improve information technologies within your company to meet the growing demands of your business. Are you expected to deliver quality products and services quickly and efficiently and remain innovative? One of the best ways to transform your business is through outsourcing your IT management, because it requires group of professionals.

What Does ITSM service cover?

  • End-users - your staff and customers who use your IT services
  • Services – Apps, hardware, etc provided by your IT
  • Quality – How efficiently and effectively are your IT issues solved?
  • Cost – Are you getting the most of your IT budget?
  • Business – offer an effective solution for the core function and goals of your business

What will you get through this service? – You will be ensured that the right technologies, people and processes are in place to guarantee your business needs.

There is a long list of benefits that right ITSM offers. We’d love to discuss this service with you. Contact us to proceed further.

Moving your office and all your computers and servers can be a problem for you. We will simplify and eliminate the causes of IT infrastructure headaches for you.

Our team of skilled technical professionals has proven experience in installing new servers or updating the old ones.

We can manage the entire project or assist your IT group in installing the system without any damage or impeding daily working atmosphere.

We will evaluate your server deployment and requirements to help determine a smart hosting solution for your business.Contact us now for free consultation to determine what server solution your business needs.